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Bloodstone Jasper Stone - Tower Point from Africa - Crystal for Courage, Meditation, Crystal Grids, Healing, Reiki Chakra, Altars, Wand

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Natural Bloodstone Tower Points from South Africa


Bloodstone, also called heliotrope (jasper, quartz), has a lot of symbolism. People have coveted this dark green gemstone with bright crimson splashes for a long time because of its unusual look and properties. The extraordinary supernatural qualities of this olden stone are one of its key attributes.

Crystals ordered will be very similar but not identical to the photos here, each crystal is unique since it's natural and not mass produced. Photos here showcase the typical mix of sizes and shapes.

Bloodstone is considered a gemstone of heroic sacrifice today, as it was then, and can provide bravery and peace to those asked to provide for the common good of all. It brings out the best and most selfless qualities in individuals who hold or carry them.


- Mini - 2''
- Small - 3''
- Medium - 3.5''
- Large - 4''

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- All orders will ship within 24 hours.

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