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Natural Amazonite Tower Point from Brazil - Genuine Green Crystal for Meditation, Crystal Grids, Healing, Reiki Chakra, Altars, Wand

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Crystals ordered will be very similar but not identical to the photos here, each crystal is unique since it's natural and not mass produced. Photos here showcase the typical mix of sizes and shapes.

Dive into the cool shading of Amazonite gemstones. Flickering blue-green in its shades, Amazonite echoes with old stories, wilderness enchantment, and the broad progression of one of the world's most mysterious streams. Nicknamed The Hope Stone, Amazonite doesn't avoid putting a positive turn on life however doesn't dig in indiscriminately. It's a gemstone that approaches the soul of inward quality, amplified goal and a promise to utilizing that can-do demeanor to get what you need.


- Mini - 2''
- Small - 3''
- Medium - 3.5''
- Large - 4''

- All orders will ship within 24 hours

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