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Natural Lepidolite Tower Point from Madagascar - Purple Crystal for Meditation, Crystal Grids, Healing, Reiki Chakra, Altars, Wand

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Crystals ordered will be very similar but not identical to the photos here, each crystal is unique since it's natural and not mass produced. Photos here showcase the typical mix of sizes and shapes.

The Lepidolite gemstone, which is delicate in peaceful tones of violet champagne, is out to boost your dopamine release, offer a banquet of stimulating vibrations, and balance so many sensations which may be running loose in your physique, thoughts, and spirit. It's helpful to interface with the relaxing essence of Lepidolite right away, thanks to its delicate mauve and violet tint.

Lepidolite has an ancient legacy of being associated with mental unity and tranquility.


- Mini - 2''
- Small - 3''
- Medium - 3.5''
- Large - 4''

- All orders will ship within 24 hours.

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