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Natural Red Jasper Crystal - Red Tumbled Stone - Passion and Destress Crystals - Genuine Healing Stones For Root Chakra

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Natural Red Jasper Tumbled Crystals from Brazil, each stone is around 1'' inch in size, some are bigger.

Crystals ordered will be very similar but not identical to the photos here, each crystal is unique since it's natural and not mass produced. Photos here showcase the typical mix of sizes and shapes.

Jasper has a soothing and balancing nature. When you carry a Jasper, it is almost as if the chip on your shoulders is suddenly gone with the wind. This stone has always been connected to the seasons, especially with autumn. Its grounding and healing energies have also been linked with that of the Earth.

Are you overwhelmed? Are you burned out at work? Are you stressed out? If you answered yes to all of these, better get yourself a Jasper! It is a good stone for people who feel less than what they truly are; who battle with sadness; and who easily lose temper.

- All orders will ship within 24 hours.

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