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Natural Smoky Quartz Tower Point from Brazil - Genuine Smokey for Mediation, Crystal Grids, Healing, Reiki Chakra, Altars, Wand, Generator

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Crystals ordered will be very similar but not identical to the photos here, each crystal is unique since it's natural and not mass produced. Photos here showcase the typical mix of sizes and shapes.

The black and brown colors of Smoky Quartz symbolize the ecosystem, the environment, and the Earth as a planet. As a result, this gem helps us in enhancing our virtue of humility. Being grounded is not easy for some. But with Smoky Quartz, it becomes doable.

Emotionally, Smoky Quartz benefits its bearer as it drives the heart and to do what is right. During the ancient times, people used Smoky Quartz to lessen whatever heavy burden they had – especially emotional baggage.


- Mini - 1-1.5''
- X-Small - 1.5-2''
- Small - 2-2.5''
- Medium - 2.5-3''
- Large - 3-3.5''
- X-Large - 3.5-4''

- All orders will ship within 24 hours.

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